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Derrie 6' Inflatable Otter

Derrie 6' Inflatable Otter

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This is a PREORDER. Preorders will end June 31st. After preorders end, these will go into production. You can expect them to ship out around September. 

Meet Derrie, a particularly thicc otter friend!

Derrie is 6' long (180cm) from nose to rear foot. Derrie is also 6' tall from feet to the tip of their tail. 

Material: .4mm PVC

Derrie will be a lapped seam toy- making them very durable! 

They have 6 chambers; a body chamber, one for each limb, and a tail chamber.

Discounts may not be applied on this item. 

Designed in collaboration with Han The Catasaur.

Custom Hand Made Toys Disclaimer:  These are all hand-made, so there may be small variances. Variances may include smudges, seams not perfectly aligned, small scratches, etc.; these can not be helped with a hand-constructed project.  

If you receive your toy and you believe it has any egregious errors, contact us and we will work with you to fix any issues. 

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