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Derrie 6' Inflatable Otter (With SPH)

Derrie 6' Inflatable Otter (With SPH)

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This is a PREORDER. Preorders will end June 31st. After preorders end, these will go into production. You can expect them to ship out around September. 

Meet Derrie, a particularly thicc otter friend!

Derrie is 6' long (180cm) from nose to rear foot. Derrie is also 6' tall from feet to the tip of their tail. 

Material: .4mm PVC

Derrie will be a lapped seam toy- making them very durable! 

This toy has 7 chambers; a body chamber, one for each limb, a tail chamber, and the SPH chamber. 

This listing is the SPH variant. The SPH is a standard inflatable pink cylinder. For the other version, see our store. If you'd like to order both, just add them to your cart!

Discounts may not be applied on this item. 

Designed in collaboration with Han The Catasaur.

Custom Hand Made Toys Disclaimer:  These are all hand-made, so there may be small variances. Variances may include smudges, seams not perfectly aligned, small scratches, etc.; these can not be helped with a hand-constructed project.  

If you receive your toy and you believe it has any egregious errors, contact us and we will work with you to fix any issues. 

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