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Beanie Weenie Sheath & Plush! - Feline

Beanie Weenie Sheath & Plush! - Feline

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The Feline Beanie Weenie~

Introducing the Beanie Weenies! This fun line of stuffed plush toys double as cute cuddly cocks and as sheaths you can actually wear! 

The shaft of the plush is removable so that you may insert your own member (or dildo!) in the sheath and use it how you like! Great as fursuit sheaths, underwear sheaths, or just a fun addition to your pawing routine!

Each Beanie Weenie comes with your choice of a white, black, brown, grey, tan, or light blue sheath.

If you have a particularly girthy penis, this may not fit you. This is made for average or slightly larger than average penis girth, and is a tight fit.  

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